The sports section of the culture budget: investments in the promotion of physical activity and in sports venues

30.09.2021 | 17:11

In the 2022 culture budget, reforming the promotion of exercise and investing in the construction of year-round sports venues are among the most important actions to be taken in the field of sports.
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The Ministry of Culture submitted its concept for the promotion of exercise to the government in the spring. This includes various target groups from schoolchildren to the elderly, since insufficient exercise is one of the greatest health risks in Estonia. Statistics show that only about 45% of Estonian people regularly exercise for at least a half an hour twice weekly. In the Nordic countries, the same indicator is about 70%. There are also schools where supervised physical activity should be increased significantly. The government decided to include €600,000 in the draft state budget in order to carry out the reform related to the promotion of physical activity.
“Our plan is to support the acquisition of small-scale equipment for the schools and to improve the management of physical activity. The activities of organisations that promote physical activity among the various target groups must be better coordinated nationally,” said Minister of Culture Anneli Ott. “To this end, the competencies of various fields of activity will be assembled so as to draw on global experience and develop the best solutions for promoting exercise in Estonia,” Ott added.
As far as investments in sports, the government plans to build sports facilities that adhere to modern requirements in four locations in Estonia – Narva, Paide, Jõgeva and Viimsi. The planned annual budget that will be allocated to the construction of multifunctional indoor football halls is €6 million euros.
“Year-round sports halls should be located as close as possible to schools, thereby making it possible to teach physical education as well as conduct sports training,” Ott explained.

With the support of the state budget, the development of the Kääriku sports centre will also be continued, for which investments totalling €1.6 million are planned. Support for the construction of the Hiiumaa sports centre is also planned and €300,000 euros is being included in the budget for this project.
Based on the draft, the total volume of the 2022 culture budget will be €290 million euros. The 2022 draft state budget will be processed by the Riigikogu and legally adopted in December.

Brita Tuuling

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