Other international organisations

In the field of sports, Estonia also cooperates internationally with UNESCO and the United Nations.


The Government of the Republic signed the Copenhagen Declaration in June 2003, whereby the state recognises the principles of the International Anti-Doping Organisation (hereinafter WADA) and undertakes to comply with the WADA Code.

In order for nations to accept the rules of WADA, which is a private organisation, adopted UNESCO’s International Convention against Doping in Sport on 19 October 2005 and it was approved by the Government of Estonia on 17 August 2007. The full text of the Convention against Doping is available here.

Currently, the WADA 2015 Code is valid with updates from 1 April 2018. In November 2019, after a long series of updates, a new WADA Code was adopted, which will enter into force in 2021. The Code ensures that the same anti-doping laws and regulations apply to all athletes in all sports.

In Estonia, the fight against doping is organised by the Estonian Center for Integrity in Sport.


In the field of sports, Estonia also co-operates at the international level in the United Nations (hereinafter the UN). Namely, by adopting two resolutions, the Conference of the States Parties of the United Nations Convention against Corruption instructed the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to combat corruption and crime in sport. UNODC was mandated by the following resolutions:

  • Resolution 8/4 on Safeguarding Sport from Corruption, adopted by the Conference at its Eighth Session, in Abu Dhabi, from 16 to 20 December 2019.
  • Resolution 7/8 on corruption in sport, adopted by the Conference at its Seventh Session in Vienna, from 6 to 10 November 2017.

These resolutions set out the key issues that need to be addressed to tackle the problem of corruption in sport and outline the actions that States parties have committed to taking in order to do so. Under UNODC, countries exchange best practices and develop materials that can be used to combat corruption and crime in sport.


Kaarel Nestor

Adviser (Sports)

Last updated: 27.01.2021