Important partners

The Ministry of Culture has several strategic partners helping to develop the field of sports.

Estonian Olympic Committee
The Estonian Olympic Committee (EOC) is the umbrella organisation for Estonian sports, which deals with the development of elite sport, the expansion of youth sport and the promotion of physical activity, as well as promoting the rules of fair play. The EOC is also responsible for sending Estonian teams to the Summer and Winter Olympic Games and the Youth Olympics.

Estonian Foundation of Sport Education and Information
The government’s main agency providing sports-related information. The aim of the foundation is to contribute to the development of sport in the public interest by collecting, systematizing, analysing and disseminating sports-related information.

Estonian Sports Association Jõud
Unites the county sports associations of Estonia, the goals and main activities of which are aimed at getting people to participate in sports, and creating the necessary conditions therefor.

County sports organisations
The associations of sports clubs operating in the counties, which, as members of the Estonian Olympic Committee, represent the sports of each county and have the exclusive right to organise the county’s championships and award the corresponding titles.

Sports For Everyone Association
The competence of the association includes the initiation and general coordination of physical activity and fitness sport activities in Estonia. 

Estonian Center for Integrity in Sports
A foundation that promotes healthy and fair play sports and is responsible for doping control and organizes anti-doping education, also facilitates further cooperation among international anti-doping organizations.

Sports Medicine Foundation
A foundation established in the public interest that develops sports medicine and sports science and provides sports medicine services.

Estonian Paralympic Committee
The main role of the Estonian Paralympic Committee is to promote sporting excellence among people with special needs and organising the sending of a national team to title competitions and the Paralympic Games.

Special Olympics Estonia
The aim of Special Olympics Estonia is to contribute to the promotion of physical activity and sports activities among people in Estonia with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Tehvandi Sports Centre
A sports centre near Otepää with a stadium complex, a conference centre and a winter sports museum.

Jõulumäe Sports and Recreation Centre
Sports complex located in Pärnu County, which offers training opportunities for both top athletes and amateurs.

Estonian Exercise Trails 
The main activities of the foundation include providing advice on the development of Estonian exercise and sports trails, coordinating development activities and contributing to financing.

Estonian Association of Senior Sports and Sports Veterans
The aim of the Estonian Association of Senior Sports and Sports Veterans is to organise and promote the sporting activities and physical activity of senior athletes and sports veterans.

Last updated: 27.01.2021