Sport 2030

The “Fundamentals of Estonian Sports Policy until 2030” adopted by the Riigikogu in 2015 defines the principles, on which sports policy is based. According to the basic document of sports policy, the goal is to have the mental and physical balance and well-being of Estonians correspond to the Nordic level by 2030, and for Estonia to have a living environment that is conducive to physical activity along with necessary services to support longer life expectancy which support the population’s healthy life expectancy, self-fulfillment and economic growth. According to the strategy paper, the Ministry of Culture will submit an annual report on the implementation of the basic principles to the Riigikogu.


The objective of the "Fundamentals of Estonian Sports Policy until 2030" is to describe the main directions of Estonian sports policy until 2030.

Four great objectives for 2030:

  • The majority of people exercise and play sports;
  • Exercise and sport are important economic sectors and employers;
  • Exercise and sports sustain coherence, spirituality and positive values;
  • Estonia is effectively and fittingly represented at the international level.

Implementation of the strategy paper

The strategy document "Fundamentals of Estonian Sports Policy until 2030" sets out the principles on which the sports policy is based.

These principles will form the basis of the national strategy papers – in the preparation of development plans, programs and development plans of the ministries, which provide for specific activities and resources to implement the objectives set out in the Fundamentals.

In addition to the public sector, a number of other institutions and organisations also fulfill the sub-objectives set out in the basic principles of sports policy, including, primarily, the sports umbrella organizations through the Estonian Olympic Committee and other leading sports associations.

As of 2016, the Government of the Republic has annually submitted an overview of the implementation of the basic principles of sports policy to the Riigikogu.

Last updated: 27.01.2021